Best under the Mongolian sky.

Day tours
Visit to Art Studio

14.30    Visit to the Museum upon your request

  • The Fine Art Museum of Zanabazar (a rich collections of Buddha statues)
  • Bogd Khaan Palace Museum with precious tangka displays
  • Museum of National History (traditional costumes of Mongolian ethnic groups)
  • Modern Art Gallery of Mongolia (modern art)


 16.00      Based on above topics we will start visiting to various art studios such as:         

  • Statue sculptors
  • Tangka painters
  • Designer of National Costume (fashion show)
  • Modern Artists

19.00      Dinner (at our suggested restaurant)

20.00      We will end our trip and arrive at the hotel


 Available other types of artist studios: smiths, modern sculptors, felt production, traditional musical instruments and fashion