Best under the Mongolian sky.

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13th Century National Park Tour

09.00 Depart from Ulaanbaatar (54 km to the east of Ulaanbaatar)

11.00 Arrive at the 13th National Park

11.30 Visit to the 30m high Chinggis Khan Statue

13.00 Lunch at the camp

14.00 Visiting felt making, home appliances, leather making artisan camps

15.00 Horse riding opportunities and visiting herder’s camp

16.00 Visiting blacksmiths, ceramic artisans camps

17.00 Visiting carpenters, jewelers, handicrafts and painters camps

18.00 Exploring 13th century theme park

19.00 Dinner at the camp       

20.00 Drive back to Ulaanbaatar arrive at the hotel

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1pax 156$
2pax 117$
3-5pax 107$
6-9pax 98$
10-15pax 86$
16+pax 79$
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