Best under the Mongolian sky.

About company

Easy Tour Company is one of the leading national companies in travel and tourism. Easy Tour Company has the most trusted network of hotel accommodation, restaurants, ger camps and fleet vehicles, including “Edelweiss” hotel, “Hoyor Zagal”, “Kharkhorin” and “Guru” tourist camps.


Our founders and staff have been working in the tourism business for decades of years. Our professional management team of functional managers, tour guides and drivers has approximately 10-15 years of experiences in the tour operating. Almost eighty percent of the employees are educated and majored in tourism in UK, USA, France, Germany, Austria, New Zealand and China.


We continuously develop new adventures and enrich tourist activities while protecting the natural environment. We are proud to have the opportunity to contribute in the development and prosperity of our country, connecting with other countries and nations worldwide by bringing tourists and widely introducing them our untouched wildlife and nature, historical values and nomadic lifestyle. We have made over 20 brand tours offering traditional and classical products based on our amazing nature, nomadic lifestyle and culture such as adventure trekking, off-road four wheel driving and biking tours, camel caravan, eco tours, mountaineering and famous Trans Siberian adventure.         


Easy Tour Company is an active participant of the annual tourism fairs and travel shows such as WTM in London, ITB in Berlin, CITM in China, SCI Convention in the USA and BIT in Italy. Currently, we established close partnership cooperation over 60 tour wholesalers and tour operators in 20 countries.  


One of our branding products is sport travel and adventure tour. We organize mountaineering and hiking tours in the Altai Tavan Bogd and Munkhkhairkhan Mountain three times a year. Annually, we organize special tours such as approximately 3-4 motor biking tours, 10-15 off road four wheel driving tours and 2-3 marathon tours successfully.